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JB Cardetail Partnership


Flex Hoogwaardige Detailing Apparaten

The FLEX family of angle and variable speed car polishers has been engineered for both ease of use and rugged dependability. Design details such as front air vents, FLEXGRIP™ multi-handle with built in disc wrench, slender rear grip and the patented safety disc guard deliver maximum performance and maximum usability for rugged jobs.
FLEX professional variable speed car polishing tools provide optimum tool balance for superior control and reduced job fatigue. FLEX angle car polishers feature the unique FLEX electronics for ease of use and improved tool performance. All FLEX electric power tools feature spring loaded FLEX Longlife™ carbon brushes. When the brushes start to wear down, a tension spring is released pushing the brushes away from the armature, resulting in a longer overall life of the product. In the case of excessive load, the tension spring will be completely released, stopping the machine from overheating. A full line of accessories is available for sanding, grinding and car polishing applications.

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